Designed for companies that do not have the means or size to internalize a legal department and/or bear the cost or to manage an increase in internal legal department activity, the outsourcing service for the legal function is aimed both at French companies and at French subsidiaries of foreign groups.

This solution is more and more appreciated by companies because it brings undeniable advantages in terms of efficiency, speed, flexibility and cost by allowing you to benefit from :

  • > legal support adapted to your needs

    •  Several possible formulas; each one adaptable to your requirements,
    •  Assistance with your national and international legal issues,
    •  Prevention and management of your pre-litigation..

  • > provided by a single referring lawyer

    •  Having a thorough knowledge of the business world (experience as a legal manager),
    •  A single lawyer to simplify the relationship,
    •  Coordinator with your external contacts (law firms, accountants, notaries, intellectual property counsels...)

  • > in direct contact with management and your operational staff

    •  Legal hotline service,
    •  Regular presence in the company,
    •  Support for your negotiations with your Partners.

  • > for a relationship covered by professional secrecy

    •  In accordance with the ethical rules of our profession, all our exchanges, opinions and advice are covered by confidentiality.

  • > guaranteeing extreme flexibility in its organization

    •  Because your business is evolving, our services adapt to your environment,
    •  No duration commitment,
    •  A fixed fee defined according to your needs.

Examples of services covered by our outsourced legal management solution :

  • legal secretariat,
  • drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts (Purchase agreement, Distribution agreement, Subcontracting, General Conditions of Purchase/Sale), Service contracts, R&D contracts, etc...
  • consulting in business law, distribution and competition law,
  • management and enhancement of the company's intellectual property rights,
  • advice and assistance in pre-litigation, contractual and commercial litigation,
  • development and implementation of compliance policies (code of conduct, internal processes, legal audits, etc.),
  • implementation of Contract Management Software..

The mission is tailor-made according to your needs, based on a preliminary audit and the evolution of the company's activities. A fee proposal is then established based on the volume of hours dedicated and/or our presence in your company.

Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange an appointment and define together the outsourced legal service you need.


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