Intellectual Property Rights

In an economy opened to international competition, and which is highly competitive, fluctuating and dematerialized, it is more critical than ever for a company to protect, exploit and develop its intangible assets.

A recognized player in intellectual property law and new technologies, and a member of GRAPI, PEGASE Avocat provides comprehensive and personalized services in various fields of intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, and new technologies), notably:

  • By advising you on the negotiation and conclusion of all your agreements in these fields, in particular: R&D contracts, consortia, transfers, licenses, technology and/or know-how transfers,

  • By establishing policies to enhance the value of your intellectual property rights with your partners (private/public),

  • By assessing the feasibility of your projects, identifying opportunities and risks and suggesting innovative solutions that take advantage of the most recent legal and jurisprudential developments,

  • By assisting you, thanks to its national and international network, in all your intellectual property disputes, in particular with regard to infringement actions, actions for the invalidation of intellectual property rights, actions for property claims, appeals to the INPI, both in France and abroad; and by proposing, if necessary, alternative dispute resolution solutions in the context of mediation proceedings.

  • By offering you "tailor-made" training courses specific to Intellectual Property.


Exploitation and protection of its Intellectual Property Rights

Key takeaways :

  • Introduction to IPR law.
  • Knowing how to value the exploitation of its IPR.
  • Control the legal rules for the protection of intellectual property rights.

How to protect against infringement ?

Key takeaways :

  • Understand legal rules regarding infringement.
  • How to deal with an infringement case.
  • Avoid infringement situation.


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